Moon Celebration with Andrea Rose

Friday, February 7  from 7:00-8:00 PM

Andrea Rose returns to lead a 60 minute class including a moon inspired yoga flow and guided meditation.

Cost is $13, walk ins welcome!

Yoga for Anxiety with Cori Vanker, RYT

February 15, 2020  1:00-3:00pm

Join Cori for an afternoon of exploring the ways yoga helps with stress management. We’ll experience some gentle
poses and discuss topics such as:

● How and why yoga may give you immediate relief from anxious feelings
● Skills and habits you can cultivate during your yoga practice that can allow you to feel less
anxiety in your daily life
● How observing specific teachings in the yogic lineage can reduce the stress of navigating life’s

Cost for this workshop is $20. For more information, please call The Yoga Studio Downtown at 586-838-9601 or send an
email to

Essential Oils - Yoga Classes Utica, MI

Essential Oils Basics

Friday, February 21 from 7:00-8:00, wellness advocate Laura Elwood will present Essential Oils Basics, a workshop introducing students to essential oils.

She will cover:

  • Essential oil quality and why it matters
  • How to use essential oils safely
  • Common uses for essential oils
  • The top 12 essential oils to have on hand

Cost is $15, and includes an individually customized roller ball to take home. Preregistration is recommended, to ensure there are enough materials on hand to create your roller ball.

Inversions 101 with Kaity Morelli

Saturday, February 22 from 1:00-2:30, Kaity Morelli will return to The Yoga Studio to lead us in a basic inversions workshop. If you have an inversion goal, Kaity will help you get there!

Worried you aren’t “advanced” enough for this workshop? Kaity will meet you where you are and help you progress.

Cost is $15 with preregistration, $20 at the door.

yoga studio headstands handstands

Yoga Teacher Training

The Yoga Studio Downtown, Registered Yoga School (RYS) is pleased to offer:

Essential Yoga Teacher Training,
Discovering the Eight Limbed Path, with Lisa Tokarz, ERYT200

Spring 2020 Teacher Training  Information Coming Soon.

Our Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School (RYS200) is pleased to offer The Essential Study of Yoga,  200-hr. Yoga Teacher Training Program for all levels of practice.  Our advanced learning program consists of two (2) Modules, a Week-end Retreat, 20 hr. Mentoring and 10 hr. of Practicum sessions, you will also become connected to (not only) a strong but a long standing Sangha.

This teacher training is for you, if you have a hunger to understand what is going on in our World and With-In Yours and you want to live a healthy, happy, well connected life. With increased costs of healthcare, and the declining quality in benefits, people are interested, more than ever, in natural, organic preventions and Lifestyle Adaptations.  In addition, we want and need continuous support from a like-minded Yogic community (Sangha).

If you’re interested in deepening your knowledge of an Authentic Lineage of Yoga, the Essential Study of Yoga, Teacher Training & Yoga Lifestyle Course will reveal the ancient, traditional practices and disciplines.  This course will help unearth the secrets of mental patterning & how health issues keep us locked and blocked from our pure potential, and it will introduce ancient ideas of cultivating Inner Self-Discipline to maintain excellent health through Subtle Body Awareness & the Eight Limbs of Yoga.  This science helps us reach improved health in the body, increased happiness of the mind, and ultimately greater success in all areas of life.

Module I:     The Eight Limbs of Yoga – Living the Yogic Lifestyle

  • All Chapters of the Yoga Sutra
  • The Eight Limbs of Yoga
  • Introduction to Sanskrit
  • How to Skillfully and Safely Align Asana
  • Ayurveda, Nutritional Coaching & a One-Hour Private Session with Lead Teacher
  • Subtle Body: 7 Chakras, 3 Nadis, Meridian Theory
  • Grosse Anatomy: Bones/ligaments, muscles/tendons, Body Systems, Disease
  • Psychology: Movements of the Mind, Karma, Intentional Planting of Seeds

Module II:  How Yoga Works – The Secret Teachings

  • How to utilize Universal Principals of Alignment & Muscular Energy for

Basic Hatha Yoga, Mixed Level Flows inspired by the designs of Short Form Ashtanga, Restorative Yoga, Prenatal Yoga & Yin Yoga.

  • How to Sequence Postures for Optimal Results
  • Meditation
  • Four Types of Learners
  • Adjustments & Contraindications
  • Mentor Program consisting of 20-Yoga Classes with Mentor Teacher
  • A Weekend Retreat (Mid-September)

Spring Session 2020

Spring Dates Coming Soon!

Meeting every Monday and Wednesday evening 6:00-10:00 pm.

Course Fee: $2,500

Early Registration for this discount: $2,300

$100 non-refundable deposit and application to reserve space.

Books are not included in tuition cost.

Contact us at to receive Suggested Reading List, Application & Payment Agreement.

Lisa Tokarz, Founding Director, ERYT200, Senior Teacher, has accumulated over 1,200 hours of professional training since 1993.  She has taught 18,000+ classroom hours serving 6,000 students world-wide and has professionally trained 50+ Yoga Teachers through her Yoga Teacher Training Program, The Essential Study of Yoga.  See Lisa’s bio on the “instructors” tab for a list of her Master Teachers.