We’ve Got Your Back!

When Suzanne began experiencing debilitating back and joint pain at the age of 16, doctors attempted to treat her with medication, but to no avail. When she began incorporating yoga into her life, however, she finally started to feel some relief.

Years later, it was determined that an autoimmune disorder was the cause of the pain, and Suzanne deepened her commitment to her yoga practice. Today she is able to move through the world with less pain, and without dependence on medication, for which she credits her yoga practice.

Suzanne is passionate about sharing what yoga has done for her and can’t wait for you find out what yoga can do for you!

She designed this 1 hour class to teach students how a yoga practice can alleviate back pain and further promote a healthy spine.

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Yoga for a Healthy Back

90 Minute Gentle/Restorative Workshop with Julia: Being Rescheduled

Julia Laity returns to lead a 90 minute gentle/restorative workshop. Some highlights include:

  • Hands-on Savasana adjustments
  • Stone Placements
  • Instruction on use of props to support and deepen your practice

New Date and Time Coming Soon!

Restorative Yoga