Yoga for the Very Young  

Yoga for Kids/ChildrenYou don’t need to be too exposed to yoga to accept that it offers benefits. Who can deny that a sense of calm and being more in tune with your body and your mind is a benefit?

But anyone who has explored or practiced yoga regularly will go much further when sharing its benefits and advantages over other forms of more physical forms of exercise.

The Benefits of Yoga for Everyone

Yoga induces a unique combination of wellness to the body, spirit, and mind – simultaneously.  In effect, while stretching and exercising your body, yoga also exercising your spirit and your mind.

Being in practice for many thousands of years, yoga has endured and increased in worldwide popularity for very sound reasons. In short, it has never been a fad. It’s a way of life that people from all walks of life support and endorse.  And they do for very substantial reasons.

It incorporates meditation.  Having been coined a form of meditation in motion, practicing yoga naturally leads people to meditation. Anyone who has reduced their stress level and reached a place of serene inner peace through mediation will agree that mediation is a practice worth including in your daily life.

Yoga is also credited with stimulating mindfulness.  Essentially meaning to be one with the moment, mindfulness helps people appreciate the beauties and joys in daily life and live fully in all they feel, sense, and do throughout their day.

The Specific Benefits of Yoga and Meditation for Children

These benefits are not restricted solely to adults. In other words, stretching and exercising your body, learning to meditate, and becoming more aware are not exclusively adult skills or aptitudes. Age is not a prerequisite for being in good physical shape, at peace, and aware of each moment. These attributes are also available to young children,

In fact, they are wonderful practices to develop in children while they are receptive enough to fully embrace them.

The ability to concentrate on children of school age has been shown in current studies to improve in those children who have learned to practice yoga, mindfulness, and meditation. Those children with issues involving concentration become more adept at focusing when they are taught some basic exercises and practices for developing mindfulness and meditating.

Breathing is vital to the quality of daily and hourly life. Yoga concentrates on breathing and stimulates greater awareness of the positive physical and mental effects of increased oxygen flow.

Breathing is fundamental to meditation and mindfulness. This means that when a child is taught basic yoga movements and the proper breathing methods associated with them, he or she learns to meditate and become more mindful of the moment. This means they learn to dismiss past thoughts or memories that cause them stress or obstruct their abilities to see and feel the moment more clearly and positively.

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