Yoga for SeniorsEvery day there are reports and news stories about the benefits and value of staying active in your senior years. In fact, there has been so much research and reports on the benefits physical activity offer to senior that it’s impossible to deny that staying active is key to the quality of seniors’ lives.

But what types of physical activity are best? While the answer to that question is highly subjective, there is one type of physical activity that is accessible, doable and highly successful in delivering positive results.

That activity is yoga and it’s definitely worth exploring if you’re a senior seeking a rewarding, enjoyable and effective way to become more physically active and in shape.

What are the benefits of yoga?

First of all, the benefits of yoga are dimensional. A combination of breathing techniques and postures, yoga is renowned for strengthening and calming the body simultaneously while also calming your mind.

Through a series of movements that are then held as postures, you’re not over-taxing yourself yet you are working your body physically,

There are many exercises and postures that are easy for a first-timer to do. Many seniors, upon first being exposed to the idea of practicing yoga, reject it because they think they have to be as flexible as a contortionist in order to experience its benefits. This is simply not true. And, they can be practiced anywhere.

Yoga is an excellent form of exercise for seniors for the following reasons:

It can mitigate the potential for osteoporosis Yoga poses can contribute to bones gaining strength which mitigates the chances of developing bones that are brittle.

Practicing yoga assists the body in burning fat while building muscle. Aga is not a factor when it comes to these tow vital physical attributes. Yoga can be a pathway for those who need to lose s weight and gain muscle strength yet aren’t able to engage in highly demanding physical activities like running.

Yoga can aid in treating high blood pressure. The breathing technique of yoga has a positive effect on the nervous system which is related to high blood pressure. As mentioned above, yoga helps calm the mind as well as the body – these are two factors that naturally help prevent high blood pressure.

Yoga poses help develop a more acute sense of balance.  As people age, they struggle with keeping their balance. It’s simply the nature of aging and it becomes a greater issue as people get older. But a natural added benefit of yoga is that it aids in seniors’ ability to improve their balance.

When seniors practice yoga they are less prone to feel depressed. Yoga’s breathing techniques can lead to the ability to reach a more meditative state of mind. This effect is due to a physical response of the brain when it’s stimulated by proper yoga breathing techniques and postures.

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