What is Fusion Yoga?While researching which yoga class to take, you may have stumbled across the option of fusion yoga.  It’s a popular option that many people are trying, but what exactly is it?

Fusion yoga is the combination of traditional yoga with other forms of fitness, like Pilates or resistance training.  This technique still focuses on balance and flexibility, while also providing strength or aerobic exercise for your routine. People who practice fusion yoga benefit by the adding of two techniques at one time.  Often fusion yoga has a strong focus on the abdominal and spinal muscles which can help promote strong core muscles.

The great thing about fusion yoga is that the workouts are constantly changing to add different workouts or target different areas of the body.  While there are a million ways to fuse yoga with other workout techniques, there are three popular yoga fusion classes that people take.

  1. Yoga and Pilates

In a yoga fusion class that fuses yoga and Pilates, there is a strong emphasis on the core strengthening principles found in Pilates.  Balance and alignment is still a focal point of this technique through the mixture of traditional yoga.  The unique combination is an excellent option to help with toning muscles, as it gets your heart rate up while still stretching muscles.

  1. Spin Yoga

As the name indicates, this form of fusion yoga combines traditional yoga with indoor cycling. This method is a combination of stretching, breathing, and cardiovascular work.  The warm-up for this method will often start on the yoga mats with stretches to slowly warm the body up. The intensity of the workout ramps up through more difficult yoga poses until it’s time to hop on the stationary bicycles.  Most classes will end on the mats with traditional yoga for a well rounded, cardio filled workout.

  1. Yoga and Ballet

This yoga fusion class focuses on sculpting the body through yoga and ballet-inspired movements.  Most workouts will transition from traditional yoga positions through dance-like spins and moves.  This fusion provides a great cardio work out, while also focusing on toning and breathing techniques.  Combining yoga and ballet is a full body work out that is quickly gaining popularity.

Which yoga fusion class you take depends mainly on the area you would like to target and personal fitness levels.  Some fusion workouts can provide an intense workout that may be difficult for beginners.  With that in mind, many beginners choose to start with the fusion of yoga and Pilates.  While this option is challenging, there are many ways to adapt this form of yoga fusion to fit each beginner’s personal fitness level.

If you’re looking for a fun way to shake up your next yoga class, consider joining us for our yoga fusion class!  Our unique yoga fusion class combines both Pilates and ballet for a well-rounded workout that is suitable for all fitness levels. Call us today at (586) 991-0760 or stop by our downtown Utica studio to sign up for your yoga fusion class!