Yoga for Weight LossWhile yoga is well known for its benefits for relaxation and stretching, it’s not as widely adopted as a weight-loss activity. But yoga can be extremely beneficial for weight loss and management if it’s approached the right way.

How should you practice yoga if weight loss is your goal?

Practice Often.   For a variety reasons, you should include yoga as a part of your daily routine to various degrees. If losing weight is one of your goals – or your main goal – then you’re advised to practice often. This means as often as you possibly can. It’s recommended to engage for an hour in an intense, highly active yoga session no less than three times a week and as often as five times each week.

On the alternate days, you need to engage in a gentler session that is more relaxing. This will help balance out the more rigorous days with some relaxing days. Types of yoga that are good for this objective are restorative, yin, and Hatha.

For the beginner   Like anything that you just start doing, being very slowly at a measured pace. Then, over time, increase the pace of your practice. Allow yourself to naturally increase your strength, aptitude, and flexibility so you avoid injuries. If your schedule does allow you to practice for a full hour each day, you can do a session for twenty minutes on a self-practice basis. There are more details about self-practice below. And, always give yourself one day off so you can rest completely.

Balance yoga with other activities. You’ll realize the greatest benefits if you blend your yoga practice with other healthy, cardiovascular activities like swimming, cycling, or walking.

Stay off the scales. Don’t obsess about your weight by jumping on the scale frequently throughout the day. If you are monitoring your weight regularly, weigh yourself each day at the same time of day.

How do you self-practice yoga?

For those who can’t get to yoga classes five days a week or whose schedules don’t allow for full hour-long sessions, you can do poses independently at home when it is most convenient for you. Here is an example of a pose you can do as part of your twenty-minute self-practice sessions.

The boat pose involves your entire body with an emphasis on your core. While facilitating a weight-loss approach to yoga, the boat pose also is a stress reducer. Here’s how you do it.

While seated on the floor, put your legs together and stretch them out in front of you. As you are bending your knees, put your thighs so they’re angled to the floor. This requires lifting your feet; keep your shins parallel to the floor.  Stretch out your arms.

Then try to straighten out your legs. The challenge is to keep your torso also lifted. Try to hold this for thirty seconds. Ultimate benefits are realized when you can repeat this poise in this manner five times.

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