Yoga in the ParkVirtual and Outdoor Classes

The Yoga Studio Downtown will now offer classes virtually through the popular Zoom platform and outdoor classes at Grant Park in Utica

Read on to get started!

Online Class Schedule (Zoom or Video file)


10:30 Gentle w/ Andrea Rose

Outdoor Class Schedule for Summer (Grant Park in Utica)


2:00 Gentle w/ Cori


7:00 PM Flow w/ Julia


9:00 AM Slow Flow w/ Cori

In case of rain, lightning, or severe winds, outdoor classes will be cancelled and class credits will be refunded.

Q: How are you addressing class credit expiration dates?

A: All packages were essentially “paused” on March 16, and we cancelled all renewing memberships in the spirit of “asteya” (non-stealing). Some students have chosen to maintain their memberships, and we are so grateful for their support! Going forward, there are a few options for class credits:

  • Existing class credit expiration dates remain paused until we reopen for public classes, even if you choose to use some of those credits for virtual classes.
  • If you had an active “unlimited” pass, and choose to use this for virtual classes, your package will “restart” from the day you activate it for virtual classes. This will have to be done manually by the admin in the bookings site.
    • If you had an active unlimited pass and would like to access virtual classes, contact me and we will work together to come up with an ideal plan for you.

Q: What is the cost for virtual and outdoor classes?

A: We have opened up the 5 Classes for $35 and 2 Weeks Unlimited for $20 to everyone!

  • The 2 Weeks Unlimited for $20. Now that we are offering in-person classes, this is a one time purchase.
  • 5 Classes for $35 is a one time purchase.
  • Feel free to contact us with any problems that come up!

**Keep in mind that the Two Weeks Unlimited option activates upon purchase!**

Q: What if the virtual class times don’t work for me? Can I still access the class?

A: Yes! If you are unable to attend the live class, you may use a credit and get access to the recorded class for 24 hours after the class ends.

  • You can register for the class through the bookings site and message me if you aren’t able to attend, or
  • If you message me before the file expires, I can retroactively add you to the class and give you access to the recording.

Q: Will I still be able to access content through the Facebook Group?

A: We are glad that we were able to stay connected through Facebook over these past few months, and we are so thankful to the teachers who were willing to donate their time and talents to the Group. It is our hope to continue to provide some classes and other valuable content to our Group Members.

  • You can still search for classes by typing the teacher’s name into the Group search bar.
  • After the launch of our virtual classes through Zoom, teachers may accept support through their personal Venmo/Paypal accounts and will post these links along with their Facebook contributions.

Q: How do I sign up for an online class?

A: You can view our schedule from our main classes site. Click on the class and you will be taken to our bookings site. Watch the video below for a detailed tutorial for creating and accessing your account!

Q: Do I have to pre-register for an outdoor class?

A: We prefer that you use our bookings site to register. However, as group size restrictions have lifted, drop ins will be allowed. If you don’t have an active account, we will need a name, email address, and method of payment: Cash or Credit Card (card swiping not available, the numbers will be manually entered into Stripe).

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