New Years Resolution - Yoga ClassesJust about everybody enters the new year with some kind of goal. Stated loudly or privately considered, New Year resolutions are probably the most commonly shared commitments people make (and then break). Now keeping them., or even starting them., is quite a different story. Some people take off running right out of the gate . . .others take a few baby steps and then fizzle out, promising themselves they’ll try again next month or next year.

But, besides being one of the most popular New Year resolutions, trying out yoga also has one of the highest success rates as far as incorporating it into daily life and keeping it in daily life. This is due to a variety of reasons – all of which revolve around yoga’s undeniably attractive features and benefits.

Why do most people who try yoga end up making it a part of their daily lives for the rest of their lives?

Yoga is “user-friendly”. Everyone who embarks upon yoga quickly discovers how amazingly easy it is to get started and how quickly experiencing one of its many benefits occurs. Yoga is renowned for strengthening a person’s mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual capacities. Classified as both physical exercise as well as an emotional and spiritual exercise, yoga reaches each person initially in that person’s own unique way while offering all of its universal benefits.

For those who have never tried yoga, one of the ways they are introduced to yoga is by starting with shorter sequences and then extending them as they develop. They are advised to start their day with what are called “sun salutations”.

Yoga can be self-learned with good guidance from a yoga instructor live or via video. This means that you can work independently on your yoga poses and sequences. Granted, you want an instructor to ensure you are doing the poses correctly, but you can self-practice yoga just about any time or anywhere.  This feature prompts many of the excuses people make and obstacles in their way as they rationalize why they can’t “workout” or engage in any of other resolution habits.

Yoga is pleasant, pleasing, satisfying and fun. Unlike other more rigorous forms of exercise, yoga is peaceful, pleasant and ye, it can be very fun. It’s always a pleasure to feel your body performing ins a way that you didn’t think it could. Yoga affords more opportunities for that experience – more quickly – than most all other types of exercise or good health practices.

For that reason, yoga isn’t something that people dread doing.  After just a couple of practice sessions, when a new yoga student has learned a couple of poses and how to correctly breathe and use the two together, he or she welcomes doing more.

In effect, while it can’t make this claim, yoga can certainly consider itself one of the most instantly gratifying forms of exercise available to people of all shapes, sizes, ages, and levels of athleticism.

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