The 6 Reasons Yoga is all your Body Needs!

Yoga vs Gym MembershipMany people who work out at gyms or who feel guilty because they are not currently working out at gyms largely wrestle with the notion that they’re not doing enough. They feel that truly working out requires exercising, developing, and training each part of their bodies separately. Taken one step further, there is the misconception that their arms can only get strong by lifting weights and their core can only be worked out through reps at the gym.

Bu, yoga works the entire body – including full engagement of your core – through poses, inversions, and balances.

The following are the 6 reasons why yoga is the best and only workout for anyone!

It’s not competitive. When you practice yoga, you’re a solo act. You’re one with yourself and your poses and movements. There is no checking the person next to you to see what he or she is doing better than you. You’re not in a time trial trying to best someone else. This implies and lends a sense of peace and singularity that translates to more benefits than just the physical ones.

Yoga is all-in-one. As suggested above, yoga works your entire body at the moment. While you’re holding up our body weight in a yoga activity, you’re also working your core, As you transition from one pose to the next, your core is stabilizing your body.

In other words, your core is engaged. Depending on the arm balances and various inversions, yoga stimulates your muscles so they can gain strength and be lengthened out all while raising your heartbeat. That’s what is meant by all-in-one!

Yoga affects more than just your physical well-being. Yoga stimulates the way you view your body, eating habits, and life overall. You naturally learn how to get more in tune with your body and you find yourself appreciating what you’ve discovered it can do. As this sense of body appreciation takes root, you naturally find yourself wanting to take better care of it.

Yoga helps you to lose weight. This new mindset of caring for your body affects your food choices. As you start eating foods that provide better nutrition and fuel, you’ll naturally stop ingesting too many empty calories, especially those in junk foods.

Yoga prompts oneness between your mind and your body. You’ll find yourself moving more easily and you’ll certainly become in tune with how you feel all the time. You’ll begin moving in  “feel-good” ways, not ways to force your body to conform and comply against its natural will. This prevents injuries and promotes an internal sense of health, fulfillment, and strength.

There is no redundancy in yoga. Yoga doesn’t involve fixed routines that must be performed the same way every day. You can dedicate each day to the feeling or goal you desire. Each day you can do a completely differ series of poses, balances, and inversions.

This means that on a particular day if you feel you need focus, direct your yoga practice toward that end. Likewise, if relaxation is your objective that day, dedicate your yoga practice that day to become relaxed.

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