The 5 Immediate Stress-Releasing Benefits of YogaStress . . . we all have it, we all deal with it, and we would all like to eliminate it from our lives. Sometimes it creeps in very slowly throughout our days. Other times, it swoops in like a thundercloud. But, regardless of how it overtakes us, it cuts into our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. And there isn’t too much we can do about stress coming into our days. It’s a fact of daily life unless you’re a complete recluse with no interactions with the outside world.

Nonetheless, even though there are no ways to prevent stressful events from occurring in our lives, there is something everyone can do to mitigate and even eradicate the negative impact and harmful effects of stressful events and circumstances.

The solution is yoga.

Yoga officer 4 immediate benefits when it comes to lessening the impact of stress.

Yoga clears your mind. Stress is highly active mentally. When you’re stressed, your mind becomes over-occupied with frustrated, frantic, and oftentimes conflicting thoughts. This is the moment when the most important thing you can do is clear out all that cluttered in your mind and focus on just one thought.  And even though that sounds impossible, it can become send nature to you if you start practicing yoga.

In simple terms, yoga is a combination of poses, postures, and breathing exercises. At the center of this is meditation, a highly effective tool for getting your mind to relax. Regardless of what aspect of yoga you’re doing – holding a posture, going through a sequence of poses and postures or being sedentary in one meditative pose, single-purpose focus will overtake your thoughts once you become aware of your breathing.

Awareness and relaxation are key to learning how to meditate and focus. Once you do, with dedicated practice, you‘ll be better equipped to manage your stress.

Yoga relaxes your body.  If you’ve ever felt the comforting sense of relaxation during a massage or a hug, you know what it feels like when your body relaxes and tension fades away. Particularly yoga postures, like inversions and forward bends, stimulate the same type of calmness. There is a pose called the child’s pose that has the ability to positively affect your adrenal glands in a soothing manner that generates calmness both inside and out.

Yoga teaches you the most effective way to breathe.  By showing you how to use your diaphragm and utilize your entire lung capacity, yoga shows you how to breathe in the most effective way. Once you learn to effectively, productively breathe, you are empowered to manage and reduce stress and its harmful effects on your mind and body.

Yoga enhances your mind-body connection. One could say that the opposite of internal stress is internal harmony. When your mind, body, and spirit are harmoniously aligned, life becomes more of a joy and less of a burden. Yoga guides you to be cognizant of each signal your body is sending to your mind and the signals your mind sends to your body. When this connection is made naturally, without effort, you’ll find yourself rising above stressful situations before they take root.

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