Savasana - Yoga Studio Near MeSavasana. Believe it or not, it is probably the most difficult of poses that we use in our regular yoga practice. It may not seem like it, and many people think that it is just a time to lay on our backs, and relax at the end our practice. However, this is what makes it such a difficult pose. You see, Savasana, should be no less active than any other asana that we work through. Its peaceful intention is deceiving and is what makes it such a challenging pose. When you come to one of our Yoga classes in Utica, MI, we hope that you will take savasana seriously, and realize the true benefits of the last asana of your practice.

Love it or Hate it

There are really only two types of people when it comes to savasana. Those who love it, or those who just really cannot enjoy it. The problem here is that both sides, often forget that savasana is a really powerful pose, and comes with a great amount of value for your practice. Many of our students that “love” savasana enjoy it so much because they see it as a time to just relax and lay still. The same can be said of the students that don’t enjoy savasana. They also see it as just a time to lie around and do nothing. As a growing yoga student it is helpful if you let go of the love or dislike of the pose, and start focusing on all of the benefits that savasana can bring to your practice and to your daily life.

Physical Value

When many of our students come into savasana, they think that they just plop down on the floor, stretch out and relax. There is of course some benefit to finding some time to completely relax and enjoy some quiet. However, in your yoga practice, savasana is not the time. Our students that forget about the physically active parts of savasana are the ones that often fall asleep at the end of their practice. To get the most benefit for your practice from savasana, make sure you remain in an active body. Remember to keep your palms facing upwards, focus on your shoulders and hips pressing into the floor, and even though your eyes are closed, bring your focus down and towards your heart. These physical attributes to the pose will help you remain focused through the end of your practice.

Mental Value

When it’s time for savasana, just like your body, don’t just plop your mind down on the floor and relax to nothing. Savasana is the best time to focus on the achievements you’ve made in your practice, and how your body feels. This time of active rest allows your nervous system to calm and helps you wash away your stress. It is a good time to give acknowledgement of how you feel and allow the new muscle memories that you’ve made during your practice settle into your body and mind. Savasana is a place for continued growth in your practice.

Savasana should always be remembered as the last active pose of your practice. Yes, we aren’t working hard, but that doesn’t mean that your body and mind does not receive substantial benefit from remaining active both in mind and body during savasana.

Best Yoga Studios Near Me?

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