Yoga Classes – Descriptions

All of our classes focus on authenticity and mindfulness, with the intention of cultivating excellent physical, mental, and spiritual health. Our teachers assess each class and customize them to fit the energy levels and requests of our students.


This is yoga infused with the mindful core strengthening of Pilates. Fitness balls, medicine balls, light free-weights, and leg weights may be included, and classes will include traditional yoga postures and sequences. This is a multi-level class; students are invited to modify in ways that work for them.


For new students who are curious about yoga or are concerned about their level of fitness or flexibility and are unsure if yoga is for them. This class is also for experienced students looking for a gentler practice or who want to spend more time refining their postures. 

This class may include: in depth exploration of alignment, gentle flowing sequences, beginner-friendly poses held for several breaths, and accessible reclining, seated, and standing poses.


It’s a soothing and mindful yoga practice ideal for those recovering from injuries (and are returning to gentle movement with their doctor’s consent) or those simply wanting a gentle practice. The focus here is on breathing and deep relaxation, with an emphasis on reclining poses and possibly easy standing poses. Guided relaxation and meditation is provided. This is an excellent practice for stress reduction.

 Teachers may offer essential oils to support the process of turning inward, but will gladly refrain from doing so if a student with sensitivities is in attendance. Room is heated to a cozy 72-75 degrees.

Yin Yoga

A slow-paced style of yoga, with asanas that are held for longer periods of time—for beginners, it may range from 45 seconds to two minutes. During yin sequences in our studio, students may be invited to hold stretches for up to 3 minutes, but as always, we encourage you to honor your body. 


Another multi-level class that helps students build their practices on a strong foundation. Poses and sequences are presented in an easy to follow, accessible manner. Students can expect to be guided through traditional poses and mindfulness practices and to deepen their understanding of proper alignment. Some instructors will incorporate standing flowing sequences into a Basic class.

Vinyasa and Slow Flow Vinyasa

The term “vinyasa,” simply refers to a yoga asana practice in which movement is linked with breath. The phrase “slow flow vinyasa” indicates that, although the transition to a new posture is coordinated with an inhale or exhale, most poses are held for at least a few breaths.

In any of our Slow Flow or Vinyasa classes students can expect to flow through standing postures.

Every teacher brings something unique to his/her class, so students should know that instructors may incorporate creative movement flows, guided breathing exercises (pranayama), and extended opportunities for meditation.

Slow Flow 

A multi-level class for both beginners and seasoned yogis. With some instructors, this may seem similar to a “basic” class, but you can always expect to flow through standing sequences.


Students will be invited to transition  more quickly through poses and more opportunities to strengthen and balance are offered. Teachers may offer guidance toward more ‘advanced’ postures. 

If you are a “fit beginner,” don’t be afraid to try this class! As always, students are encouraged to move at their own pace and modify in ways that work for them.

 “Child’s Pose is always here for you!!”

Because Yoga is a pathway to Meditation, we allow for the cultivation of a meditation practice in every class.   Our classes are designed to be fun and engaging while providing inspiration for living well.


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