Is Yoga Beneficial for ChildrenDo you belie that children are also capable of being stressed and feeling stress? In this busy, fast-paced life, do you see how it’s possible that kids pick up on the pressure that our speed of light lifestyles facilitates?

Kids experience a lot of pressure from the demands of their schoolwork to overexposure to social media. Even their entertainment – like video games – has a competitive “go faster-play harder” overtone. This type of pressure and distraction can severely prohibit their sense of inner peace and happiness.

Do you agree that children are affected by the same conditions that cause adults stress?

If so, then you’re likely interested in ways that children can learn to relax and “decompress”. And, one of the most effective means and methods for helping children to relax and find some balance in their young but sometimes chaotic lives can be through yoga.

How can children benefit from practicing yoga?

The very practice and techniques for attaining inner peace and relaxation that adults learn can be also be learned by children. They can learn to acquire the movements and mindset for achieving wellness. Once they learn the techniques, they can move through their relatively challenging days much more easily and peacefully. Yoga promotes this. Furthermore, yoga helps prompt awareness of self and body and elevates self-esteem in kids.

Think about it. Yoga isn’t a competitive sport. It’s a physical activity that involves achieving self-awareness internally and externally. This leads to awareness of the peace and tranquility in their surroundings, even if those surroundings are full of noise.  In addition, yoga teaches children how to become one with the world around them instead of resisting and combatting the forces that vie for their attention.

Kids can learn to enjoy predicting yoga. After all, yoga is a physical activity as well as a mental and spiritual activity. It can be very challenging and, in the process, often stimulates the athletic prowess and capabilities of kids that otherwise may never discover it.

This is a profound point worth examining. Some children who are not open to athletic endeavors or conventional sports like baseball, basketball, or soccer aren’t necessarily exposed to other types of physical activities. Sadly, as an example, this can mean that a child who is naturally flexible may never discover their flexibility unless they are introduced to some yoga poses.

In addition, those kids who need coordination or strength development may be ready to take on the challenges but have yet found the most suitable outlet for being exposed to them. These children typically respond very favorably to yoga.

As a form of physical activity that has no expectations, yoga is very inviting to the child who otherwise would be too apprehensive to try something new for fear of failure. The is no such thing in yoga.

Anyone who has even participated in a beginning yoga course knows that the first session is all about stretching and learning how to breathe. There is no measure of how “good” or “natural” you are at it. You discover your increased ability each time you practice,

Children, just like adults find this very welcoming, which often leads them to fully embracing it.

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