Get the Most Out of Yoga by Changing Things Up with Ashtanga Yoga

Get the Most Out of Yoga by Changing Things Up with Ashtanga YogaIf you have ever practiced yoga – even if you only did a couple of routines a couple of times – you experienced some degree of immediate benefit. You may have felt your body stretch, relax and even feel stronger after just 20 or 30 minutes. And you very likely also felt a mental, emotional, or even spiritual surge in the process.

If you have had that experience, you may be one of the millions of people who have included yoga into your daily and weekly lifestyle.  But, like everything, over time doing the same routine the same way will begin to provide diminishing results. The human body is amazing in the way it adapts, adjusts and responds to routine and regularity. In regard to yoga, when your body gets used to the same motion, movements and routine it will chive a high level of flexibility – in many cases, maximum flexibility. This means the routine you’ve been doing is no longer challenging your body at the level it has become capable of enduring.

For this reason, it is important that you change up your yoga routine to present your mind, body, and spirit with a new level of challenge.  From slight to aggressive, a change-up is always good. And to make it easier for you to transition to a new yoga practice you are recommended to try Ashtanga yoga.

How does Ashtanga Yoga change your yoga routine, so you start getting different and better results?

Centered on Sri K. Pattabhi Jois’ teachings, Ashtanga yoga, also referred to as Short Form Ashtanga, is a style of yoga that incorporates a range of vigorous poses that build on one another. In a building block fashion, Ashtanga yoga is as focused on the physical realm as it is on the mental realm.

Every Ashtanga yoga pose prompts increased awareness for your body and your inner peace and happiness. It was Jois’ belief that Ashtanga yoga – when regularly practiced – can lead a person to discover the happiness that is inherent in inner peace. This happens because each pose places a focus on gaze, movement, and breathing so the mind and body become aligned.

Short-form Ashtanga yoga is a positive challenge. While some type of yoga experience is a preferred prerequisite in order to realize the greatest benefits, this type of yoga involves sequencing of movements. You will begin a class with what are called sun salutations A and B that involves breathing and work each one of your muscle groups. The salutations seamlessly use a combination of poses in a series; among them are low plan and the downward and upward facing dog. You will be constantly be guided to capture and retain focus on your mind and your breathing.

After this series of poses, you will be guided through the postures that are considered the primary postures. These include backbends. Standing and seated poses and finishing postures. These motions intensify as they heighten your alignment of your mind and body.

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