Alleviate Your Lower Back Pain with Yoga PosesJust about everyone – at some point in their life – experiences pain in the lumbar region, more commonly called the lower back.  This area is exceptionally prone to pain and/or sensitivity simply because of your lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if you have to sit throughout your day, or if your days are more active and allow you to move frequently.

Lower back pain finds its way to everyone at some point. For some it’s unbearable; for others, it’s a nuisance. But, in all cases, it has a way of bringing down a person’s mood, energy level, and outlook.

Of yoga’s many benefits to health and well-being, one of the most relevant to the most people is its ability to relieve lower back pain and help prevent it from becoming a recurring event in your life.

Here are 4 poses that are known to relieve lumbar region back pain.

Sphinx. Ideal for giving tone to the spine, this pose helps enhance to lower back’s natural curvature. If you sit a lot, your lower back flattens; this can cause pain. To help alleviate it, lay on your stomach, place your feet so they are as wide apart as your hips, and put your elbows below your shoulders. Try to hold this for at least one minute up to as long as three minutes.

To end the pose, lower your upper body back down then relax afterward as long as you desire.

Supine Twist. If you want to relive tension to your back and neck, twisting your spine will go a long way. And the best part is that gravity does most of the work. Lay on your back and form a T with your arms. Then raise your keens up to your chest then lower them to the left. Your neck needs to stay neutral so look away from your knees.

Keeping both shoulders on the floor will assist in getting the benefit of this pose. Hold this for at least one minute, trying to retain it for up to four minutes. Then, switch and do it on the other side.

Cat and Cow. Stretching your entire spine and your hips will also help with lower back pain. Get on your hands and knees. Lift your tailbone and chest toward the ceiling as you inhale. Then, arch your back, drop your head and press through your shoulder blades as you exhale. Do this in rhythm with your breathing. Become aware of your back muscles, feel them and experience the relaxation.

Thread the needle. When your hips are too tight, the movement you need to make comes from your lumbar region. This causes you back pain. But, when your hamstrings and hips are open, back pain can be mitigated because you’re giving your body a wider motion range. The thread and needle stretches your hips, as well as your lower spine and ack and outer thighs.

Lay on the floor with the soles of your feet on the ground, the same distance apart as your hips. Put your right ankle to your left thigh, flexing your foot as you do this. Then, place your left are so it’s outside of your left thigh as your right arm is placed in between your legs.  Lock your fingers together on top of your shin or behind your knee. The choice is based upon how much space you have. Relax your shoulders and back. Hold this for at least one minute with an effort to hold it up to three minutes. Then do the other side.

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