A Guide for Prenatal YogaWomen go through many physical and mental changes when they are pregnant. About 85% of women experience mental disturbance after pregnancy and 10% experience post-partum depression. This shows that pregnancy and birth can really put stress on the mother. After all, there is another life growing inside of them.

It is important to find ways to maintain a healthy body and mind so that pregnancy and birth are both easier to go through. Prenatal yoga in Michigan is designed to increase the flexibility and strength of the pregnant woman. It also helps women develop relaxation and proper breathing techniques. This can help make labor far more comfortable and easier.

The Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga in Michigan can help increase your overall wellness. There are many benefits to this kind of exercise including:

  • Improved Sleep: Many mothers complain about disturbed sleep due to general discomfort and stress. Yoga can help relax the mind and increase flexibility for easier sleep.
  • Reduced Stress: Prenatal yoga in Michigan focuses on relaxation exercises that can help calm you down.
  • Increase in Endurance and Strength: Yoga is known for centering an individual and increasing stamina and strength.
  • A decrease in Lower Back Pain: Pregnancy can put a lot of weight on the lower back. Yoga can help alleviate that pain so that you can relax.
  • A decrease in Nausea: Many mothers have to go through severe nausea and morning sickness. Prenatal yoga can help reduce this sickness.
  • A decrease in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: CTS is common during pregnancy due to the build-up of edema fluids. Yoga can restore movement and fight toxins.
  • A decrease in Headaches: Proper breathing and decrease in stress can reduce headaches.
  • Reduction in Risk of Pre-Term Labor: Prenatal yoga in Michigan can help establish a healthier pregnancy.

Prenatal yoga has also been associated with a reduced risk of hypertension during childbirth. It also improves fetal outcome, ensuring a healthy strong baby.

Social Support

During pregnancy, it can be really helpful to build a good support system that includes friends and family. It can be really beneficial to the mother mentally to meet other pregnant women, those that are going through exactly what they themselves are. Prenatal yoga in Michigan is the perfect opportunity to meet other people going through the same experiences. It gives you a chance to relate to someone, which can reduce the mental stress on your mind.

Joining a Prenatal Yoga Class

There are some factors that you should definitely consider when you choose a class for yourself. A yoga class with an instructor that has experience with pregnant women will provide you with more benefits. The instructor will be able to assist with specific poses that can help you. This will be safer for you and your child since the class will be soothing instead of stressful.

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