A Beginner’s Guide to Yin YogaThe concept of Yin yoga has been around for thousands of years but it is not widespread. It takes you enough time to understand and warm up for this sort of yoga. Formerly known as “Daoist” yoga, this approach is targeted at the deep connective tissues of your body and the façade that covers the body. The purpose of Yin yoga is maintaining a smooth flow of energy in the body.

The concept was introduced to the world by Paul Grilley. Paul acknowledges three yoga instructors for this approach including Paulie Zink, who was also his Yin yoga teacher.

Yin yoga includes postures that are more passive most of which are performed on the floor. It is a unique type of yoga in which you are asked to relax, unstiffen your muscles, and move them nearer to the bone.

Yin yoga practices may sound shallow but they enable yogis to deeply access their bodies. The duration varies depending on the posture. It can be 3 to 5 minutes for some poses and 20 minutes for another, depending on the complexity and purpose. The postures in yin yoga feel a lot like time spent in meditation.

Benefits of Yin Yoga

The first thing that people want to know after hearing about this concept is the benefits of Yin yoga. If you are looking for motivations to start practicing Yin yoga, here is how you can benefit from this technique.

  • It calms and relaxes your body, mind, and soul
  • It regulates the flow of energy in your body
  • Yin yoga increases movement and flexibility in the body with a special focus on the joints and hips
  • It plays a prominent role in lowering down stress levels
  • It improves stamina
  • This yoga also cause the joints in your body to be better lubricated and protected
  • Yin yoga postures make your joints and connective tissues more supple
  • It helps with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and migraines
  • It makes for a great way you can counteract anxiety and stress
  • This yoga also prepares your body to sit for meditation

Those who practice Yin yoga confirm that it has taught them to be still, get in touch with their real selves, and improve the quality of life. It really teaches yogis to be better listeners, make the most of the opportunities they are given, learn to accept how things are and make them better, enjoy their own company, and perform better in life.

Try Yin Yoga Today!

Yin yoga is a type that has something really unique, deep, and special about it. The way Yin yoga influences you and your life is not what usual yoga techniques can do. The benefits associated with this approach are unique to Yin only.

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