Vinyasa Yoga, also known as Flow Yoga, involves moving from one yoga posture to another using breath. People often confuse Vinyasa Yoga with Power Yoga and thus, try to move between various poses rather quickly. Vinyasa Yoga focuses on combining the benefits of asana, pranayama, and meditation into one, and its real benefits can be achieved by going into practice slowly. This article elaborately discusses nine reasons to go slow in your Vinyasa Yoga Practice.

1. It’s healing when done slowly

One of the benefits of yoga is that it heals the body. Unfortunately, when people do yoga very fast, they end up hurting themselves. If you want Vinyasa Yoga to heal your body, modify your practice, and figure a speed that’s comfortable for your body. You should stick to a pace that allows you to discover each pose.

2. It allows you to connect with your body

The human body is the most fantastic machine on this planet. Unfortunately, we are so busy living life, we never stop to appreciate this tremendous machine that works incessantly to keep us going. Going slow in your yoga practice will allow you to connect better with your mind, soul, and body. It will also give you a chance to appreciate the true capabilities of the human body.

3. Sustainable Yoga teaches you to be mindful

The human body is incredible in many ways. However, the body too needs care and attention. According to Tibetian Buddhism, there are many techniques one can practice to achieved advanced awareness. When you go slow into your practice, you get the chance to practice these techniques and become more aware of your body and existence.

4. Going slow prevents Injuries

When you switch between poses too rapidly, your chances of getting an injury also increase. Yoga injuries have become more prevalent in the recent past. Vinyasa Yoga is done not just to promote athleticism, but also to improve joint, muscle, and bone health.

5. You will become better at what you do

Going slow into the Vinyasa Yoga practice allows practitioners to become embodied. It also gives them a chance to think about how they can become more specific and advanced in their practice.

6. It will allow you to connect better with yourself

Yoga allows people not just to understand their body, but also themselves. When you do yoga slowly, you give your inner self the chance to get heard. Slow down and listen to what your inner voice wants to tell you.

7. Sustainable Yoga is harder than you think

Most practitioners presume that slower yoga means more comfortable yoga. This thinking is wrong. It is challenging to do Vinyasa Yoga slowly when you lack precision and awareness. Going slow into your practice will allow you to reach the advanced level more quickly.

8. It will make you feel good

Easing slowly into various poses allows one to enjoy being in the moment and the Vinyasa yoga practice. You will be able to link your breath with each therapeutic moment and take the experience of being on the mat to greater heights.

9. Practicing Sustainable Yoga will allow you to return to the mat each day

With yoga, discipline and commitment are the keys. If you choose to stick with slow flow, you will be able to gradually push your body to reach its limit without injuring it. This way, practicing sustainable yoga will motivate you to come back to the mat each day

Are you ready for Vinyasa Yoga?

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