5 Benefits of Yoga on Physical and Mental HealthThe word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word “yuji”, which means union. Yoga is an ancient practice that helps balance the body and mind. It entails an amalgamation of specific breathing exercises, meditation techniques and postures that can help soothe your mind and relax your body.

Let’s take a look at some of the physical and mental health benefits of yoga.

1.  Reduces Stress

Yoga can help you relax by reducing the levels of stress hormone cortisol. It plays a crucial role in reducing the physical effects of stress. As a result, your heart rate and blood pressure remain stable.

2. Improves Sleep

Studies have shown that yoga can help to improve sleep quality. In a study carried out in 2009, 69 patients were asked to practice yoga, take herbals or become part of a control group. The group that practiced yoga fell asleep faster than those who did otherwise. Yoga increases the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that improves sleep.

3. Promotes Healthy Eating

Another benefit of doing yoga is that it can help you eat healthy and stay fit. Healthy eating habits help reduce the level of blood sugar and control weight. In a study comprising 54 patients, it was seen that yoga helped them eat healthy and reduce their preoccupation with food. As yoga promotes healthy eating, it is a great way to stop binge eating, reduce weight and regulate the metabolism and immune system.

4. Increases Physical Strength

Yoga is a full body workout which involves the whole body. It targets the muscle with specific movements and static holds. In a study some individuals performed yoga six days a week for 24 weeks. They experienced a considerable increase in upper body strength, endurance and weight loss. Women who were a part of this study experienced a considerable decrease in their body fat. In a similar study carried out in 2015 the participants noticed an increase in their body’s strength endurance and flexibility.

5. Boosts Self-Confidence

The best thing about yoga is that it can help build your self-confidence. The reason why you experience a boost in your confidence when you practice yoga is because it challenges you. Yoga allows you to step out of the comfort zone. It comprises a set of movements, stretches and breathing patterns that can not only improve your physical state, but also your mental state. No matter how many times you are unable to perform a particular pose, you will always feel your self-confidence growing.

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