Yoga - Mind and BodyYoga . . . just about everybody has an idea of what it is. And many people even have impressions that might not be exactly accurate or well informed. In fact, an initial opinion that may have been formed in a moment ten years ago could actually still be the opinion a person holds of yoga today.

And even though yoga – the practice, the activity, and its benefits – has not changed in the last fifty years, it’s messaging and publicity has greatly elevated. Yoga is now becoming as popular as any other type of mainstream exercise.

The best part about this is that its heightened popularity is not because it’s gotten a lot of attention on social media as the latest, greatest exercise that everybody is doing. Rather, it is because its benefits and features are accessible and available to anyone at any age, physical condition, or level of athleticism.

Furthermore, there isn’t just one way or type of yoga exercise. It is as varied in style and levels as individuals are in capability and aptitude.  Regardless of a person’s age, goals, or physical challenges, a yoga workout can be devised that allows him or her to grow and evolve naturally into an accomplished, devoted yoga practitioner. And, in the process, experience yoga’s physical, mental, and spiritual benefits.

So, what exactly are those physical, mental and spiritual benefits?

Here are 3 specific motivational benefits yoga offers to your health and well-being.

Physical fitness and increased strength  

One of yoga’s most attractive features is that it is low impact. You don’t need to already be in top shape in order to excel in yoga. But the low impact does not mean low value of exercise. You will break a sweat and in the pro9icess naturally become more phsyci8ally fit.

Yoga works many (most) of the core muscles. Even though you’re holding a position, which is required in order to reap the benefits, you’re using your strength and body weight as you gracefully transition through each pose. The more poses you perform, the more toned and stronger you will become. In short, practicing yoga regularly will get you lean while increasing your muscle mass.


Yoga poses involve a range of movements that can actually remove joint pressure. While this capability will help prevent getting hurt in the event you take a fall, you’ll find yourself easing through the movements and activities of daily life.

In addition, the poses you are holding require stretching which over time will make you more flexible regardless of the level you’re at right now as you begin. You’ll experience your body’s ability to stretch farther and hold it longer over time.

Making the mind-body connection

Yoga is a natural bridge between physical health and mental – or spiritual – health. The connector is the breathing that yoga entails. Yoga shows you how to focus on your breathing and to be aware of the present moment in the process. You learn to become one with the poses you’re conducting. If you’re not engaged mentally as well as physically, you’ll either perform the pose ineffectively or you could even stumble or topple over.

Through your ongoing ability to be in the present moment while focusing on your breathing as well as your physical form, you ‘ll be developing mindfulness – a level of self-awareness that will stay with you and be applied to all of your daily activities, long after you’ve left yoga class.

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