3 Reasons for YogaOver the course of the past year, you may have found yourself leaning toward including some kind of exercise or physical fitness regimen into your lifestyle. And, if you’re like a lot of people, you kept the thought and desire alive, but just couldn’t find a way to plug it into your schedule. Or maybe taking the first step actually made it to your schedule but continued to be the first thing that got bumped.

Then, as the year began coming to an end, you were given a reprieve. You could convert this thought, desire, commitment to a new year resolution.

If yoga is your new year resolution, congratulations!  You have not only made a wise choice for achieving physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness, but you have also chosen a form of mind-body exercise that you’ll likely continue, excel at and benefit from for years and years – maybe even the rest of your life.

Why does yoga have such a high new year resolution retention rate?

You’ll spend more time with your family. It’s worth noting that yoga is very appealing to moms and dads with busy lives in the way it can become a family affair. Everyone – at any age – can engage in yoga poses and postures. Furthermore, learning yoga’s breathing exercises and techniques teach adults and children how to become balanced and relaxed. This alone is a life skill and life practice that everyone – at any age – can and should learn. Yoga allows the entire family to earn and master these techniques together.

In addition to yoga’s family-friendly appeal, there are two other primary reasons why those who begin yoga stay with it for life.

You’ll get physically fit. Yoga addresses any and all types of weight problems, issue or concerns. It’s amazing how effective a few minutes of certain types of yoga can trim your body while also providing its other physical and mental benefits. There are a series of poses that work your body’s core muscles lending you a total body workout. Doing these just a few times a day gives you energy, refreshes you, and can aid in trimming an inch or more from your waistline.

You’ll get flexible. Have you ever had muscle aches and pains? How about your back? Has it ever given you trouble? A large percentage of people – of all ages – have experienced some kind of back event. Sometimes it happens after doing something routine like reaching for something. This type of episode is a natural part of the aging process, but it can be mitigated by routinely stretching your body.

The stretching aspect of yoga doesn’t just mean you bend over and feel the backs of your legs stretch. But it is almost as simple. By doing a handful of measured, deliberate yoga stretches each morning, you’ll increase your body’s flexibility and capabilities. After learning some of the stretches and doing them regularly for a week or two, you’ll notice too much improvement to stop doing them.

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